Be very carefful of what you order from hollinger metal

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I recetnly ordered a DVD and VHS tape storgae boxe from hollinger metal They had advertised themselves as in storage business since 1940's. I purchased one box to store DVD's and another to store VHS tapes. Each cost me over $10 dollars. What I received was essentially a pretty shoe box.

I immediatelt send them a e-mail stating my dissapointment and requested information so that I can return the product and get refund. I am still waiting to hear back from them.

In a nutshell, be careful when you see products advertised by this company.

Review about: Dvd And Vhs Storage Boxes.



I've known this company for many years and fine them to be fair and responsible and their archival quality products are great quality and usually more reasonably priced than their competitors.


You ordered archival products from one of the top archives supply companies.As Bob mentioned, these boxes are a lot more than pretty - these boxes are what the National Archives, Library of Congress, Smithsonian, and all archives and special collections use for the long-term storage of historical records and media.

In truth, Hollinger Metal Edge offers very competitive prices for these products.

If you want non-archival storage, you can certainly get something cheaper at office depot or Wal-Mart.I'm sorry you didn't understand this when you purchased these products, but please understand the facts before you criticize this company.


Acknowledged that I received and accepted the offer for refund. Looks like at this time I will only be out of pocket for the shipping charges to ship the product back.


I'm sorry for your purchasing experience.We have been mfg.

Archival Products for many years and Archival boxes are very expensive due to the material cost. The boxes you ordered are acid free and lignin free and have a calcium carbonate buffering. They have an expected shelf life of 300 years and will protect your DVD's and VHS tapes from acid migration.

I understand we have offered you a full refund which you have acknowledged.If I can be of any further assistance please contact me directly.

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